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The internet is full of CV templates. The designs are also many with each one looking perfect. This makes it confusing to identify the best. Choosing the right CV template is vital. Below are a few things that you need to put in mind when choosing CV template.

It is vital to choose a CV template that has great content and the words need to stand out. It must have evidence that is compelling enough to show your ability to do the work. The design should come second because words are what potential employers seek to see if you are a good candidate. The focus of your CV needs not to be on the template alone but on the content also. It is important you don’t go for a CV that is designed too much. You will come across many designs which look creative but find that the content is not enough. Remember that employers don’t look at the design but evidence of your achievements.

Also, you need to consider your intuition. Put yourself in the shoes of a job recruiter and what you would love to see in a CV. It is essential that you label the headings well. This way you will go through the details with ease. It is advisable that the writings be black and on a white background. It is vital you use a font that is big enough for clear reading. It is vital you choose a CV template that looks professional and practical. Your career history needs to flow smoothly without any interruptions by charts or any other gimmicks.
Additionally, there are times when recruiters print CV. It is advisable to avoid colored backgrounds because when printed they tend to fill in. Also, it is a great idea to avoid some design features like charts because applicant tracking systems cannot recognize them. The spacing needs to be enough for every information to stand out. You need to know that selecting CV template is different from how you will use it. The formatting and presentation must be consistent. It is important you make comparisons of the template to the finished CV.

If you want to narrow down your choices of CV templates, you can start by identifying your target audience. This will help you know what skills are needed and identify a template that is appropriate. It needs to incorporate your personality. This information will help you know the best template to choose. Choose a CV template that is balanced for it to have a professional look.Provided you are thoughtful, you can choose a simple CV template and this will not prevent you from being considered for an interview. After all, the recruiters are usually after content and not packaging.

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