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Have you found yourself wondering why some homeowners decide to stain their fences? Many people do not stop to ask themselves these kinds of questions. If you do not want the investment you have made in the fencing to go to waste, this is something you should do. Of all the fencing materials that are available, you will not be having much of a fence to depend on if you installed a wooden one and left it at that. To ensure the fence is well equipped in dealing with harsh weather elements, you ought to have it stained. Fence staining protects the wood against rot. There is no way a wood that is not stained can take in water and not rot. When the rotting is extensive, you may have to change the entire fencing system. There is a deterioration of the wood quality if left in the open sun. This will be no different if you have a wooden fence which you haven’t stained. Given that the fence will not have anything protecting it from the harsh sun rays, you can only expect the situation to be even worse.

when the temperatures are low, water contracts hence becoming ice and when the temperature goes up it expands going back to its liquid form. In the event that this is taking place in the fencing wood, splitting will be inevitable. You will not have much protection if the fencing materials are split. The materials used in fence staining repel water to ensure that it does not find its way into the wood. When you are dealing with a wooden fence, there is no way you can keep pests away unless you have it stained. Eliminating the pests is much harder compared to staining the fence.

A lot of people will see the fence first when they are coming into your property. Also, this is all the people who do not have permission to enter the premises will ever get in terms of interacting with your property. Ensure you are creating great impressions for everyone who sees your property. You do not even have to do much to stand out. Besides the location of the property, the aesthetics play a major role in determining the value and this will be a big bonus in the event that you are considering applying for a loan with the collateral being your house or even selling it completely.

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